395.00 CAD$

NDA0200 battery rebuilt

  Patient Lift

NDA0200 battery rebuilt using premium 6Ah - LiFePO4 elements. For each battery rebuilt we give you a free charger !

Send us your defective batteries for rebuilt and will be no need to buy a new one for a long time.

The lifetime is 2000 deep cycles versus the original with only 200 cycles using Lead Acid. Our rebuilt pack has only 4-Lb versus the original 8 Lb and will last 10 times longer than the original.

Arjo NDA0100-xx or NDA0200-xx battery will work with;

Patient Lift Model
Calypso, Calypso-PUR
Marisa, Maxi 500, Maxi Lite, Maxi Move
Minstrel Single, Double
Miranti, Walker
SARA 3000

We also rebuild the Arjo KPA 0100 ( SPL 3021 ) at the same price.

You are just one call away to find out how much you can save using our repair service.

Phone: 877 497 7123

About Us

  • Total Medtech does component level repairs for a large variety of electronic boards. No matter what we have around us in 21st century contains an electronic pc-board controlling that. We focus our effort towards medical and industrial equipment. Starting from a hospital bed and a patient lift and ending with advanced controls for industrial automation we can provide a fast and quick turnaround for all your repair needs. You are just a phone call away to find out if we are the right people to help. Technology might be challenging when multiple choices are on the table. Just give us a chance to prove we can help you, it cost nothing to try us and first service is complimentary. There is no hidden cost associated with our consultancy service and we only get payed if your needs are accomplished. No service contracts, is the best scenario and in our vision it can happen no matter if you are a small or a big operation. Just give us the insight and we go from there to help you regain control over the essential services. We have R&D resources to reverse engineer obsolete components of your systems and software extension options to integrate your existent with latest technology.
  • Total Medtech provides maintenance and facility managers cost saving solutions to bring back to life the broken equipment, OEM Service contracts are expensive and not always on time to get the problems fixed. Don’t forget, every service call and the parts are billed on top of the annual fee and the OEM components may take days or weeks to arrive. We repair boards contained in all major brand beds and nurse call systems used in North American healthcare facilities.(Rauland 4, Rauland 3, Hill-Rom, Maxivox, Westcall, Symplex, Dukane, Intego, Zettler ) Beds -Hill-Rom – TotalCare, VersaCare, Advance, Affinity, 8500 -Stryker-S2, S3 (Scale PCB 25-0593, Main board 3002-407-950 and 3006-307-900) -Carroll – Spirit, Spirit Plus, Basic Care -Amsco – 3080/3085 -KCI – Scale PCB, motor control PCB. -Arjo- Patient lifts main board ( Skymax, V4-V3 – KWIKtrak ) Facility – Milnor washers/dryers, Besam door controllers, Boulay pump controllers, Weil-McLain boiler controllers, Pro-Lite color graphic display’s,Hospital Grade TV’s – Elf, PDI, HCI, Telehealt, LG , K10,Biomed – Patient monitors Philips IntelliVue MP30, MX2, Welch Allyn.
  • Our technical expertise can reduce the unnecessary operating cost and save you from getting stuck with an end life technology Are you in a dilemma choosing the right service provider or the best technology for your facility? Vendors are pushing what you don’t really need to keep the facility up to operating requirements? If you are close to sign a term service contract with no way out, the surprise will come when you realize how much it takes from the operating budget. A good idea is to get an independent advice before is not too late.
  • We can help in implementing the most cost efficient solution. Old system, obsolete components and no longer supported? Your PBX (telephone system) is coming to its end life and the provider wants to upgrade it? The big surprise will come when the perfectly working Nurse Call System and your actual wireless handsets for nursing are not compatible anymore with new technologies. The result will be a huge cost for replacing almost everything including the computer network infrastructure. If this sounds like your situation, we can help in implementing the most cost efficient solution. "
Phone: 877 497 7123

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